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Pieces per Bundle: 25
Dimension: 216 mm x 145 mm
Diameter: 8mm


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Key Features
  • Superior Quality
  • Zero Wastage
  • Superior Interlocking
  • Accuracy
  • No Cracking
  • No twisting
  • Faster Work


A stirrup is a closed loop of reinforcement made of rebars, that is used to hold the main bars together and provide lateral support to the main structure. Tata Tiscon Superlinks are made of high strength ribbed TMT rebars manufactured using automation. They are readymade stirrups manufactured using strict quality control to ensure consistency, quality, and accurate dimensions. Manufactured through innovative automated machinery, Tata Tiscon Superlinks are superior stirrups that save space and time at construction sites. As opposed to manually bent stirrups, readymade super links are highly accurate, away from bending, cracking & twisting, and ensure faster completion of work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Tata Tiscon Super Ductile (SD) Rebars are the new standard in earthquake resistant construction! A mark of the unmatched trust of Tata Steel, Tata Tiscon SD rebars are India’s leading TMT Steel rebars, manufactured using industry-leading innovative automation. Made from virgin iron ore and pure steel, every rebar is the perfect balance of unbreakable strength, unbeatable ductility, and unprecedented technological advancement. So lay an unshakable foundation for your dream home with Tata Tiscon SD Rebars.

1. Greater Elongation: To bear great weight, stretch under pressure, and return to their original shape and size.

2. Stress Absorption: Tata Tiscon SD Rebars have a uniform stress-bearing capacity of 500 MPa. As opposed to ordinary rebars that crack overtime, SD rebars can absorb extreme pressure and stand strong.

3. Super Ductility: Specially suited for construction in seismic zones, Tata Tiscon SD rebars have a high ductility ratio of more than 1.5. This allows them to bend but not break, especially in case of earthquakes.

4. Uniform Ridges: Uniform ridges, parallel ribs & superior bond strength ensures that concrete around the rebars does not crack or dust off due to continued wear & tear through the years, as opposed to ordinary rebars.

1. Provides uniform strength across the length of the rebar yielding a stronger foundation to the structure.

2. Has a constant diameter across the rebar making them capable of bearing heavier loads.

3. Super ductility with a soft inner core and hard outer layer ensuring preparedness for seismic waves.

4. High bonding with the concrete that makes the structure unbreakable for generations.

5. Even rib pattern through the rebar length that assures the best bond with the concrete.

Tata Tiscon SD Rebars are made with unique chemistry with critical control over Carbon, Sulphur, Phosphorous, and other alloying elements. This enhances the gap between the yield strength and the ultimate tensile strength. BIS-13920, with the amendment in 2002, has incorporated the usage of Fe 500 in the ductile detailing of the structures subjected to seismic forces. The rebars possess higher ductility and are manufactured through the TMT route. In fact, the newly developed Tata Tiscon Super Ductile Rebars ensures property that exceeds the given standards.

Yes, Tata Tiscon Super Ductile Rebars are designed to have a much higher UTS/YS ratio compared to ordinary rebars, which prevents the building from collapsing. They don’t allow the stress to increase the tensile strength even if it increases the yield strength. In fact, Super Ductile Rebars have been developed and institutionalized for zones and countries vulnerable to earthquakes. The distinguishing feature of Super Ductile Rebars is their capacity to absorb large amounts of energy released during earthquakes without catastrophic failures which might happen in the case of ordinary rebars. For the first time in India, Tata Steel has developed Super Ductile Rebars, ideally suited for use in earthquake prone areas (zones 3, 4, and 5). BIS-13920, with the amendment in 2002, has incorporated the usage of Fe 500 in the ductile detailing of the structures subjected to seismic forces.

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