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10 Famous Houses in Pop Culture

Do you wish to visit or live in a house from your favourite TV show or movie? In many movies it is not only your favourite star becoming the relatable character. Instead, sometimes the house in the film or TV show becomes a character too. Like the home in Home Alone or the apartment in Friends. While some of these houses are not real and some have got destroyed, yet they are so beautiful and quirky that they have left an indelible mark in our memory. These are those famous houses, which you wish to make your address too. Let’s recall these legendary houses and refresh your memory.

1) The House from Home Alone

The stunning red-brick Georgian home is where the fantastic Home Alone movie got shot. Located in Winnetka, a suburb in Chicago, Illinois, the property got sold in 2012. According to Realtor.com, this property got sold for over $1.5 million, and presently its value is over $1.945 million. Since the movie got filmed here, several changes got done to the property, but we hope that those jockeys are still there for pizza delivery guy to knock over.

2) The One with the House from F.R.I.E.N.D.S

The famous TV show and cosy apartment need no introduction. Can’t you already imagine Monica, Chandler, Rachel and Joy cracking up inside their living room? Want to visit the legendary apartment? So, this place is somewhere between Grove Street and Bedford Street. The address 495 Grove Street is not in Greenwich village, instead it is in Brooklyn. Isn’t a picture and name of the apartment reviving the many episodes of Friends?

3) The House from Brady Bunch

An American cultural icon, you don’t have to be born in the 60s or 70s to know about The Brady Bunch. It is popular among all generations, and so is the Brady Bunch house. A news article states, and we quote, “it is the second-most photographed house after the White House”. The famous television show had many shots from 11222 Dilling Street in North Hollywood house. Mostly, the exteriors of the house got used in various episodes and remained occupied by the original owners since the family bought it in the early 1970s. The home got listed under $2 million. However, later it was sold for $3.5 million to HGTV.

4)The House from Gone with the Wind

The famous classic and symbolic home was, in reality, a façade. Even as you recall the last lines from the movie, “Tara! Home. I’ll go home”, let’s tell you that Tara was not a real home. It was a set built in Culver City, California. This home, oops set is almost symbolic of Hollywood. However, the home of its author, Margaret Mitchell, is a historic house museum. It is located in Atlanta, Georgia.

5) Hogwarts Castle from Harry Potter

Long for visiting the Hogwarts castle? Still, pondering if it is for real? Well, make note you can go and get clicked for the gram. It’s real, and you need to visit Alnwick Castle in Northumberland in England. This location got used for Hogwarts Castle in Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets. The castle is truly mesmerising and a place to spend a lovely afternoon.

6) Floating Home from Sleepless in Seattle

The romantic genre, Sleepless in Seattle got shot in new and exciting settings. The idea of Sam’s houseboat was distinct and catchy. The male lead in the film, Tom Hanks, lived in a houseboat. The calm and humble abode was spread around 2200 square feet and had four bedrooms. This houseboat got sold in 2008 for $2 million. It is now used for part-time vacation rental too. Docked near the flower-lined entry off Westlake Avenue North in Lake Union, it remains one of the most iconic properties in Seattle.

7) The “Full House” House

If you visit Alamo Square in San Francisco, you will immediately recall the intro shots of the “Full House”. These houses are also called as “the Painted Ladies” and got used in establishing the show. However, these are not the actual houses where the tanners lived. If you want to explore that location too, then visit 1709 Broderick Street, which is around a mile away from the Painted Ladies. The tanner house remains one of the most popular blocks in San Francisco. Many locals and tourists visit it for childhood nostalgia.

8) The Castle from Downtown Abbey

The famous BBC show, Downtown Abbey, got filmed in Highclere Castle. This castle is open for public during summers where you visit and enjoy different type of teas like Earl and Countess. The castle owners are a Carnarvon family, and its location is near Newbury, West Berkshire, United Kingdom. The BBC show was written by Julian Fellowes keeping this castle in mind.

9) The Goonies House

The little white house perched on a hill in Astoria, Oregon is instantly recognisable to the fans of the 1985 treasure hunt classic The Goonies. It is the popularity of Goonies that has turned this house popular and the quaint seaside town of Astoria a landmark. The house is famous to the extent that the existing owner gets fed up with the crowd tramping over their property.

10) The House from the Twilight Series

The Cullen family house started getting built in 2006 and got completed just in time for the movie in 2007. Located in Portland, Oregon the home is owned by John Hoke, a director of footwear design at Nike. If you want to visit this beautiful house and recall the many scenes of Twilight, then head to 3462 NW Quimby Street.

With a list of the most famous houses in pop culture with the exact location and address, you have a lot to add to your house design and travel bucket list. Get started, plan and design the most beautiful abode the one that makes you nostalgic and exhibits your love for your favourite character and movie. It is also time to start making different itineraries and paying a visit to these memorable Hollywood homes.

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