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Summer Home Maintenance Hacks


The sun is out and the long, dark winter days are gone! While the bright sun & warm winds are a welcome change, there is an unmissable downside to the onset of spring & summer- all the extra sunshine brings your leaf-filled gutters, dead plants & weeds, and more into the spotlight! The solution? Follow this easy to execute summer home maintenance checklist!

Not only will this checklist help you stay on top of your home maintenance but will also help you plan a budget for any necessary repairs & determine if you need the assistance of an experienced professional. With this easy-to-follow list of the most essential summer maintenance hacks, you can get your chores done speedily, put up your feet and enjoy your summer.

1. Repair & Repaint



Your curb, sidewalk, and driveway are front and center when the sun is out, and cracks, dullness & mold can be a real downer! Boost your home’s curb appeal, especially during the summer months by remembering to repair any chips & cracks, clean away any mold or weeds and repaint if necessary!

2. Prepare To Stay Cool



One of the most easily forgotten units in your home during the winter months is your AC unit. With the onset of the warmer & more humid summer months, it is important to service your AC unit, ensure the vents are cleaned, and that it is cooling properly.

3. Don't Miss The Roof



Another unmissable part of your summer maintenance list is the roof. Ensure that there are no loose or missing shingles and keep an eye out for any gaps and cracks.

4. Keep Your Grass Green



Summer is the time for your lawn, garden, or yard to shine! Regular lawn maintenance and care are crucial in the spring & summer months starting with regular watering, weeding, and landscaping.

5. Check Your Gutters



The end of winter means that your gutters will be most likely be blocked by fallen leaves, twigs, and other gunk. Cleaning & unblocking your gutters at the start of the new season is an important part of your annual & seasonal home maintenance.

6. Windows Care



Start by cleaning the interior & exterior of your windows. You might also consider investing in sun-blocking window treatments or thicker curtains especially if you reside in a very warm & sunny area.

7. Be On Bug Watch



Just as in the monsoon season, summertime is also the onset of many pests and bugs. Pest repellent houseplants, regular lawn maintenance, a clean home, and clean gutters are all crucial in keeping the pests away.

8. Air Vent Maintenance



Air vents including bathroom fans, kitchen exhaust & ventilation systems need to be cleaned regularly and made dust-free. This not only helps regulate air circulation & noise levels but also keeps away dust allergies in your home.

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