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Tips to build a new home in 2021

From owning a plot of land to building your own home on it is a priceless journey. It is a time consuming process and requires your undivided attention. Given that, a slight unpaid attention would result in a heavier price to be paid. So, here are a few tips to keep in mind while building a new home in India this year.

1. Set aside a budget


The most basic yet the most imperative decision is deciding your budget, especially in these trying times where there is a financial crunch. While doing so, make sure your preliminary budget is 20% higher than the expected cost. Keep some money aside for the interiors and don't spend it all on the building. Tata Steel Aashiyana’s Material Estimator would help with an estimated cost of a few building materials such as shed, fence and rebars.

2.Space Planning


Your home's space should be well-planned. It's also important to think about your orientation. For this, you might turn to the basic principles of planning. The plot's shape has a direct impact on the cost of building. While square plots are the most practical for construction, complicated shapes necessitate more per sq ft area, raising construction costs.

3.Space Designing


Select from a wide range of Home, Carport, Railings, Roof and Gate designs with the help of the Design Library available on the website to finalise one that resonates most with the dream home in your mind. This is crucial considering the cost, building materials, among other things will depend on the design as well.

4.Building Materials


It’s important to choose the right building materials and a lot of money can be saved on power if adequate insulating materials are employed. Furthermore, eco-friendly materials can be employed to make your home sustainable. Building materials have an impact on acoustics as well. The noise level in your environment has an impact on your health, thus materials should be chosen carefully. The Tata brand is a pioneer in offering steel home building solutions for building homes all over the nation. Check out the projects by Tata Steel Aashiyana to know where these construction materials have been used before.

With the Material Estimator available on Tata Steel Aashiyana’s website you can also get an estimated cost of these building materials which is of great help in further delegating the budget.

Standard vs Customized Home

With most of us spending a lot of time in our homes due to the pandemic and work from home scenario, it is important to realise that our home, since we are building it, could be customised and doesn’t necessarily be a standard one. One would want to make the most of the plot of land available and choose to customize it as per their liking. However, it's important to remember that, even if the same materials are utilised, the cost of constructing a custom home skyrockets. Keep in mind that customisation should not detract from your budget.

Getting in touch with Professionals

Given the current situation, it is hard to locate genuine professionals such as architects, builders, masons, among others who would guide you through the process. With Tata Steel Aashiyana, that problem is taken care of, as well. A dealers, distributors, fabricator (etc) directory could enable you to get in touch with industry professionals in just a few clicks.

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