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How To Remove Mold From Your Roof



Building a dream home is an experience that one never forgets. It is a labor of love, you work and you toil to make it just like your dream home. And, when you first set your feet, it is a feeling you’d forever reminisce. It feels like the end of a beginning, but there is more to it. As you start settling in, you realize it needs maintenance too and that homes need to be taken care of too.

While most people know how to maintain a house internally, many remain unaware of maintaining the external bits. One among many such things to maintain is mold developing on the roof. These mold infestations may trigger a variety of problems that make it a dangerous addition to your home. So, let’s look at ways in which we can remove mold from your roof.

Typically, a moldy roof consists of algae, moss, and mold. Algae may look black or blue-green in color, while mosses are tiny plants that are green and grown in dense patches all over the roof. The cause of moldy roofs is often leakages in the roof.

How to clean the roof

There are many ways one can clean the roof. Tata Steel Aashiyana suggests the following methods. Before we begin, please note that cleaning your roof can be risky. Mold makes it slippery as well, and hence it is a good idea to secure you in a harness, wear a hard hat, and other protective gear.

1.Using Pressure Washers



A pressure washer is a high-pressure mechanical water sprayer. It is used to remove loose paint, dust, grime, mold, etc. from buildings, roads, vehicles, and concrete surfaces. The high pressure might damage the roof shingles, so it’s recommended that you check the pressure before you start cleaning.

2.Using Water-Bleach Mixture



You may spray your roof with 1 part water and 1 part bleach in order to clean off the algae. Let it sit for an hour before you can rinse it off.

3.Using Trisodium Phosphate



In some cases, the water-bleach mixture may not be as efficient in cleaning off the algae. It’s recommended that you mix a cup of Trisodium Phosphate in a gallon of water (approx. 4 liters) and use it to clean the roof.

4.Commercial Cleaning Solutions



The online and offline markets are brimming with a range of roof cleaning solutions. Quick research can help you find a perfect solution for your roof.

It’s always good to take care of the place you live in, but if you do need professional help then you should hire a service provider. Tata Steel Aashiyana is your answer to finding the best service providers when it comes to home building, construction, and maintenance.


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