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10 Ways to Go Green with your Dream Home and Save the Environment

Thinking of your dream abode? Think green! When planning your dream home, you need to plan beyond big bedrooms, kitchen and yard. It will help if you think of ways to reduce your carbon footprint on planet earth. With global warming, rising energy cost and other environmental threats becoming daily news, going green is vital. You don’t need to make regular investments or have a lifestyle overhaul. Instead, embracing small, new habits and sustainable practises can go a long way in saving the environment. Moreover, these little efforts from your end will help you in conserving energy and saving on your bills.

Some of the eco-friendly house building tips and initiatives that you can help are:

The House Design

When getting the house constructed, think of energy-saving and eco-friendly ways. Look for house designs on the lines of rainwater harvesting, waste-water treatment system and try to use non-toxic building materials. You can also explore layouts with lawns or a small patch for vegetation. Such a green space around the house facilitates cross ventilation and keeps the surroundings fresh. Moreover, when you grow your fruits and vegetables, you help the environment by choosing selective chemicals and reducing the number of pollutants getting mixed with the soil and water. These small initiatives can go a long way in providing you and your family a healthy and green environment.

Go Solar

It may sound like an investment; however, it will give you returns for a long time to come. You can plan to get solar panels installed on the terrace, get a solar battery and benefit with natural electricity. With a solar battery in place, you can smoothly go off-gird and use the battery reserve even after twilight.

Insulated Doors & Windows

Living in a tropical country like India, getting insulated doors and windows will help you to save energy significantly. There is continuous use of air conditioners during summers and geysers and heaters in winters. To sustain power generated from solar panels and reduce the electricity bills, it is essential that the doors and windows are well-insulated. Besides, you can get the doors and windows layout planned. These should get designed in a way that there is enough natural light in every room. It will further reduce electricity consumption.

Conserve Water Efficiently

Planning to get showers installed in your new bathrooms? You can go ahead and still conserve water by opting for low-flow ones. Besides, you must turn off the tap when shaving or brushing your teeth. Take these eco-friendly initiatives and save water. It will also help if you check the valves and faucets for leakages. Water leaks can happen even in a new abode. So, monitor it periodically and preserve the precious resource.

If you have potted plants or a garden at home, then water them every morning or evening. When you water the plants in the morning or evening time, you will require less water as it is relatively cooler. Such little efforts also go a long way in making an impact on the environment and planet earth.

Energy Efficient Light Solutions

During the process of house construction, it is ideal if you can get only CFLs and LED bulbs installed. These are energy-efficient lighting solutions and can save your electricity bills too. So, save the environment and your money by opting for these energy-efficient light solutions in your dream home. Alongside you can also make lifestyle changes. Start switching off the fans, lights and other electrical appliances when not in use. Unplug the chargers too. Besides, did you know that electrical appliances in standby mode also consume energy? Thereby, it is advisable to unplug and save energy. You can also replace old appliances without an energy star logo as they consume more power as against the ones with a high energy saving rating.

A Cool Roof

You should also work on the roof design and opt for materials that will facilitate energy efficiency. If you can get the roof constructed with materials that reflect the sun, your house will hold less heat during the daytime and cool faster at night. Some of the material options include terra cotta, slate, metal roofing, special membranes and white tiles. Such green options will help in energy saving and require minimal maintenance.

Grow Plants Indoors and Outdoors

Make your living space green. Plant trees outside and in small pots inside. Getting indoor plants can be a great initiative. It will clean the air indoors, and these plants require minimal maintenance. Most indoor plants don’t need daily watering. You can get Aloe Vera, Areca Palm and similar indoor plants to improve indoor air quality and humidity levels.

Switch To Natural Cleaning Products

Moving into your new home, bid adieu to old cleaning habits. Get natural cleaning products for your home and have it sparkling clean. The chemical-based ones are toxic for you and the environment. You can also make effective cleaning products with simple ingredients like vinegar, lemon and baking soda and clean your home naturally.

Create your Compost

Don’t throw away the kitchen leftover and scraps, instead convert it into compost. For this, you can get a compost bin in your garden and put all the food waste in it. You will be surprised how much fertiliser gets created from daily kitchen waste.

Reduce,Reuse & Recycle

Try to reduce the use of products that are harmful to the environment. Start getting reusable items at home instead of using disposable ones. You can explore glass jars and metal packaging. It is necessary to switch to an eco-friendly lifestyle by making choices like recycled plastic, glass and tiles.

These small yet significant efforts can go a long way in reducing your carbon footprint and in conserving the environment. If you need guidance in making eco-friendly homes, then reach out to TATA Steel Aashyiana service providers. You can get assistance in home designs, roof designs, eco-friendly house construction materials and much more. The experts at TATA Steel Aashiyana can make house construction an enjoyable and easy process. Connect with the best service providers and design an environment-friendly abode.

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