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A Guide To More Sustainable Living



Although way beyond the need of the hour, people are starting to realize the importance of adopting sustainable living methods. With more awareness, demand, and supply in the market of sustainable goods, it is easier and more affordable than ever to make your home more sustainable.

It all starts with a few simple changes, and you’ll realize that you’re able to save money and earth, all at the same time. Start by the following steps:

1.Choose wood for the long haul



Products made with renewable wood are designed to last for many years to come, which will reduce your carbon footprint and your cost. This is applicable for shoe cabinets and other medium-sized furniture in the house.

2.Save leftovers for later



Make a big impact on reducing waste by saving leftovers for later food consumption. It makes a dent in reducing the 1.3 billion tonnes of food thrown away every year.

3.Choose furniture that can withstand growth spurts



Kids are sure to grow, and it only makes sense that you start planning from the beginning. Get furniture that you know will last them a lifetime and withstand their growth spurts. You’ll be reducing a lot of carbon footprints by not replacing a bed every few years.

4.Reuse before you replace



Well, this applies to furniture too. Give it your second chance, and it could surprise you with how long it can live. A few minor tweaks and changes may be required, but it wouldn’t cost much and help build back better by using reusable alternatives.

5.Grow your produce



Start somewhere, maybe one fruit or one vegetable, and begin growing your produce. Ensure you're not using pesticides that pollute the water or the air. This will also reduce the number of fossil fuels used to transport produce to supermarkets.

6.Donate unused items



If you no longer use or wear a piece of clothing, donate it to a charity or someone you know who might benefit from it to help minimize waste.

7.Put everything to recycle



While it may be true that everything is not recyclable, but put everything and see. Recycle as much as you can, anything from batteries to paper to automobiles. Take a moment to see if you should recycle it instead of throwing it away.

It’s easier said than done but start somewhere, start today and begin living a more sustainable life. Tata Steel Aashiyana and the more prominent Tata brand put efforts day in and day out to build back better and give back to the mother earth. Get to know more about us here


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