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Best New House Lighting Ideas for You | Tata Steel Aashiyana

Congratulations! Getting to move into your new house? Well, it is an accomplishment, a road less travelled. Once the house construction or possession phase gets over, interior designing takes centre stage. It is during this stage that you can customise and design your home your way. Let your abode reflect your tasteful preferences. Central to designing the house is the lighting technique you use. It may sound cliché, but lighting can break and make the home as good lighting is everything. Lighting is potent as it sets the ambience of the room and improves the overall house look. If you are getting on the journey of choosing the lighting technique for your new home, then read the below tips and design a well-lit abode.

Plan it out

Ambient, task, accent, decorative and natural lights all have an integral role to play when it comes to defining the lighting techniques you will use at home. If a particular room gets much natural light, then choose sheer curtains for the windows and let the natural light keep the room lit-up. Similarly, warm ambient lights in the living room can set the tone right. However, don’t forget to add some accent lighting in room corners and task lighting near the dining space. Think of the light plan room wise and plan holistically considering the linen and room furniture. It is essential to achieve a cohesive look. Besides, if you are getting your house constructed, then you can plan lighting during the construction phase itself.

Think Height Ratio

To perfectly light-up a room, ensure that the lights get placed at the perfect length. Anything too high or low can reduce the effect. It will help if you know the ceiling length unless if the hanging light fixtures come with adjustable cables or rods. Before placing the light, you can follow the standard rule of hanging it about 12 to 20 inches below a standard 8 feet ceiling. For every additional foot of ceiling height, add another 3 inches. Similarly, when hanging the light over the table or kitchen island, consider a distance of 28 to 34 inches from the bottom of the light to the table surface. Along with this ratio, consider the size of the light too. If the light is small, then move it a little lower and place a more significant light on a height.

Make the Light Work for You

Lighting a space is not only for aesthetics. You should make it work for you. According to the location, you can consider adding wall scones or uplighting for a softer ambience. A mix of downlighting and uplighting can achieve the look for you. When you downlight too much, it may not appear pleasing as it can cast an ominous shadow.

Light Up the Unusual Places Too

Along with the regular lighting of corners, table lamps and like, you should also think of illuminating some pathways. How about adding lights in the stair risers? It will be beneficial to navigate the stairs at night. You can add light to the stairs from sides or embed the lights on the risers, and it will work as a design element too. Likewise, you can add strip lighting at the underside of the base cabinets. It will help in creating night light while enhancing the appeal of the room.

Add Colourful Light Shades

To add interest and fun to a space, you can add bright light shades. Try such shades in rooms with light colour furniture and curtains. The perky light shade will work as a colour pop, and it will make the place beautiful when it will light-up.

Get Decorative

Lights can also get used in a new home for decorative purpose. You can add some accent lights along with optimum ambient light and have a room done up differently. Lights can be the perfect alternative to wall art.

Know the Glow

Along with taking care of these designer aspects, you should explore different lightbulb options. You can experiment with halogen, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs in warm and cool colour tones. Ideally, if the room paint is in a light colour palette, then you can add some warmth by adding lightbulb in a warm glow, and for dark spaces give cooler glows a try.

Hope the above tips come useful in choosing the right lighting solutions for your home. Besides, in the course of house construction, if you need designing or material guidance, then consult the experts at TATA Steel Aashiyana. You can get complete support in terms of connecting with the right service providers and dealers. For home building solutions, trust the experts at TATA Steel Aashiyana and build a robust and designer dwelling.

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