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Bring Home Nature With Natural Stone

Today, most of us live in concrete jungles, with residential and commercial construction all around us. Hence, adding a healthy touch of nature to our home design and decor can be a great source of peace and calm. Though indoor gardens, plants & nature-inspired furnishings are a great way to do so, they are not the only way. Natural materials like stones are versatile and an excellent way to add distinct textures, elegance and charm to your decor.


Durable and low maintenance, granite, marble & limestone are the most commonly used natural stones for flooring. They create a welcoming atmosphere in the home and exude a warm, earthly vibe. Mixing and matching different colours & textures is an easy way to experiment with your home decor.


Stones like slate stone and sandstone can be used as cladding materials. Using stones for cladding allows you to add more dimension & depth to space. However, it is important to remember to factor in the level of porosity of the stone being used and use a sealer coating to protect & make the stone surface impervious.

Shelves & Storage

Natural stones like granite, limestone and cuddapah are a great choice for shelves and open storage. Such shelves are not just functional, but easy to maintain. In fact, floating shelves & open shelves made of stone can create a sense of openness in the room as opposed to closed cabinets.

Counter-Tops & Backsplash

Non-porous and hard, granite & quartz are the most common choice for kitchen counters & table-tops. Easily cleanable and durable, they can also be used to create a natural backsplash for your kitchen. Using smaller stones in different colours, you can create aesthetic & unique wall mosaics.


Stone accessories like lamps, sculptures, and planters made from soapstone are a great addition for your living room & indoor gardens. Not just long-lasting, they are also waterproof and beautiful. Shahbad & Kota stone can also be used for landscaping & furnishing along with panels of pebbles & semiprecious stones.

While pebble decor, stone showpieces, and DIY stone art is a great way to indulge the artist in you & amp up your decor game, opting for stone flooring, counters & furnishings are a clever way to incorporate a rugged, rustic & timeless charm in your home!

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