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Build Yourself a Summer Getaway

The mercury is rising, and the summer is well and truly here. Combined with the Covid-19 pandemic, you will be spending a lot of time at home. This is the right time to get your home ready for the summer. What should you do to turn your home into a summer getaway - a place where you can beat the heat and just relax!

Let us explore some interesting things you can do to liven up your mood and get the house summer-ready.

1.Start with the front door.

The front door leaves a lasting impression on visitors. It is essential to keep it well maintained. Give it a fresh coat of paint or varnish. Change the doorknob if it looks worn out. Add an artefact to give it character. You can change the doormat as well to something bright and inviting. Add a couple of beautiful planters.

2.Liven up the walls

A fresh coat of paint can change the personality of a room. Use pretty pastel shades, cheerful citrus hues or pick from the primary colours. Space will look different and come alive. Add some art pieces that bring in the summery feeling.

3.Brighten up the living area

Put away the heavy accessories that looked good in winter. Replace them with fruits, freshly cut flowers, shells, pebbles etc. and create a new atmosphere. Add natural materials like bamboo or wicker.

Add colourful pieces to your coffee table to add the seasonal touch. Bring in glass vases, coloured glass plates, and flowering house plants and see the difference.

4.Bring nature inside

Start with cleaning your glass doors and windows till they sparkle. Remove the thick curtains from winter and replace them with sheer curtains in a neutral shade. Add a touch of greenery by bringing in potted plants. If your budget permits it, get a sun reflector kit for your windows to keep the heat out.

5.Add a dash of colour

Pack away the heavy throw pillows and duvets from winter. Replace them with brightly coloured cushions. Roll up the carpets and replace them with dhurries or chatais, which are perfect for summer.

6.Lighten up the bedding

Remove the thick comforters and sheets from the bedroom . Use Egyptian cotton sheets and a light comforter for cool nights. Choose light and breezy colours so that you get the vacation feeling.

7.Do up the balcony/patio

No matter how small your outdoor space is, do it up a little. Set up a table arrangement so that you can dine alfresco on a cool night. Add a fountain feature if you have space. It will make you feel relaxed.

8.Get the appliances ready

Summer is when you need your air conditioners/ coolers in top shape. Get them serviced. Get the filters cleaned or replaced. You may be able to avail of some intelligent discounts. Clean the ceiling fans since they will be used all day. Reseal your doors and windows to improve the effectiveness of the air conditioning.

9.Declutter the house

Houses tend to look crowded in winters, but you need to do a decluttering exercise in summer. Throw away what you don’t need and pack away the winter stuff. Keep the furniture and accessories minimal. That will give a clean and spacious feeling to the house. Reorganizing your cupboards and kitchen cabinets will help you get rid of stuff you longer use. Give them away and create more storage space for your summer wardrobe.

10.Freshen up your bathrooms

Create your beach bungalow kind of bathroom by opting for crisp white towels or bright summery shades with matching accessories and a fun shower curtain and matching mats.

A few simple ideas can make your home summer-ready. Get ready to beat the heat by applying a few of them and create your summer getaway.

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