Celebrating 3 Years in Home Building, Material & Designing Business

Celebrating 3 Years in Business

On May 8 each year, Tata Steel Aashiyana celebrates its anniversary of being in this business. The brand marks the occasion by looking at various milestones, rigorous efforts of employees of the team as whole to turn houses into homes, to build back better and to make customers happy.

Since 2018, the brand, over the years, has been dedicated to the success of every one of their clients by striving to offer nothing less than excellence in customer service with regards to everything Home Building, Material Buying and Home Designing. Aashiyana by TATA Steel is the one-stop-shop for their entire product range. When launched, the project aimed to meet the diverse demands of Individual Home Builders (IHB), the company's Rs 5,800-crore retail brand Tata Tiscon's primary consumer group. For the average Individual Home Builder in India, home development was a desirable but difficult job.

Then, enter Aashiyana, before which, a home builder's ability to construct his or her 'dream home' was severely constrained by a lack of relevant direction, ideas, and knowledge. Aashiyana is an internet portal that allows individual home builders to take control of their development projects once again. It gives house builders more control by putting essential information, inspirational ideas, and trustworthy contacts at their fingertips.

The Aashiyana platform has been assisting house builders throughout their home construction experience, from browsing and becoming inspired by a vast choice of architectural styles to selecting a reliable service provider in their area. Customers may also purchase Tata Steel products and use them in the construction of their homes using this platform, which is incredibly convenient and dependable.


This year, the platform was further upgraded with the following features additions on the website:

Also, explore the new features of saving the product for later, adding to the wishlist, married with better user experience and an enhanced user interface.Additionally, get to filter and shop either by product or by use and buy all you need from these 7 prestigious brands available at Tata Steel Aashiyana.

Through the years, these brands have been added to the Aashiyana umbrella brand. With many more innovations to look forward to, brands to be added and milestones to be achieved, Tata Steel Aashiyana is proud to have come so far. The core pillar of our success has been creating delightful experiences for home builders. The brand has been reinforced by the depth of guidance and understanding it has gained over these years of operation, as well as the renewal and broadening of their offerings, and will keep improving.

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