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What are Readymade Footings and their Advantages over Regular Footings?

Do you know that the foundation of your house is one the fundamental parts of the structure? It is a part of the structure on which the building stands and increases the structural stability. One of the most essential components of foundation is footings. All footings are foundations, but all foundations are not footings.

What are Footings?

It refers to a formation that is in contact with the ground. Footings mainly include slab, rebar that gets fabricated from masonry, concrete or brickwork. They are under the foundation wall and reinforce support to an individual column. Unlike foundation, footings are not in direct contact with the soil. However, they do transmit the load directly to the soil. So, footings are also a part of the substructure and they transfer the load safely to the soil in keeping with the load bearing capacity of the soil.

The most vital part of the footing is the plan dimension, which is the load bearing area resting on the soil and disperses the load of the building over a large area. The plan dimension gets determined by the nature of the soil. If the footing rests on rocks, there will be less plan dimensions as against resting on soft clay or fine sandy soil. According to an example cited on TATA Tiscon site, if a 3-storeyed building rests on sandy soil, it will require minimum 5.5x5.5 feet to 6x6 feet footing size. Similarly, a 2-storeyed one requires 5x5 feet and single storied will need 4x4 feet footing size. In case if the soil type is not provided for the design, it is essential to mention the footing sizes. Besides, the RCC footing should have minimum 150 mm depth for footing on the soil and 300 metres above the piles for footing on the piles. The minimum clear cover for footings is 50mm.

What are Readymade Footings & Their Benefits?

Ready-made footings get made from prefabricated rebar kit. It can speed-up the construction work. These readymade footings get constructed from steel rebars of standard sizes and shapes using machines at factories. The rebar kits can get used directly from the bundle pack without being cut or bent by local masons. It is vital to get the footings right as material cannot get replaced or repaired after the footing gets prepared. Besides, in the event of heavy rainfall, concrete used in footing needs to get poured and set with absolute precision. So, getting it right in the first attempt is vital.

When you get readymade footings, it turns out to be advantageous as it helps to save time and is beneficial in the event of a sudden weather change too. The main benefits of readymade footings design over regular ones include:


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