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Give Your Home Winter Ready

The rains are gone, and we’re a couple of short months away from the cool winds of winter. As the nights get longer and the days get colder, it’s time to start preparing your home and getting it winter ready. Here is a helpful checklist to help you battle winter damage to your home and enjoy the relaxing cool weather!

1.Insulate Hot Water Pipes

Burst pipes spell disaster and the winter months are when the risk is highest! Make sure to insulate your hot water pipes to save cold water from freezing and causing pipe damage.

2.Clear The Gutters

Roof gutters are the easiest to overlook, but one of the most critical parts of your home to clean! Falling leaves, mulch, and more can cause your gutters to clog up, thereby causing them to overflow with residual rainfall and melted frost. When gutters overflow, water runs down the exterior, speeding up the deterioration of your foundation, walls, walkways and more!

3.Inspect Radiators & Boilers

Air in your radiators system can prevent it from being filled with water and adequately heating your home. Bleeding radiators is a good way to release the trapped air. It is also important to inspect the pressure gauge on your boilers, and conduct regular maintenance for a sustainably warm home.

4.Use Heavy or Lined Curtains

You can reduce the amount of heat escaping your home due to uncovered windows by 40% by switching to heavier, lined curtains for the winter months! Heavy curtains properly insulate windows, and limit the amount of hot air that can get out & cold air that can get in.

5.Inspect Your Heating & Air Conditioning Systems

Another very important task to keep in mind is the inspection of your home’s air conditioning and heating systems. Most systems last 12 to 15 years, but can last longer with proper care & maintenance. Before the weather takes over, it's time to change the air filters to prevent HVAC problems on a cold day!

So get to work and get through the easy 5 step checklist to protect your home, put up your feet, relax and enjoy the cool winds of the winter months!

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