Top Mistakes to Avoid When Building your First Home

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Home Building Mistakes That Could Cost You

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Planning how to go about building a home is imperative, however, it is equally important to know how to plan. One must understand how to go about planning - this is where a home building guide comes into picture.

It walks you through the process of home building, gives you the much needed direction and also, enables you to categorize the different aspects of the home building journey. One such guide is available on Tata Tiscon’s website that could walk you through the process and make the job easier for you.

Here are a few list of things that you should avoid in order to decrease excessive costs while building a home:

Being hasty about the location

Choose a location that suits your needs, meets your requirements and has availability of commute and / or resources nearby that you might need. Keep in mind the distance, the neighbourhood, nearby facilities such as a grocery shop, a bank, or schools, as well as the land's quality. Also, consider the price of the construction procedure that a specific lot necessitates (building a driveway, connecting water, gas and sewer lines). Investing more in a large plot of land to reduce any additional land expenditures could save you money in the long run.

Borrow to the Limit

Building the home of your dreams necessitates a willingness to spend money. However, maxing out your mortgage on day one might cost you hundreds of rupees in interest and strain your budget. Housing costs should not exceed 28 percent of your overall income, according to the usual rule of thumb for mortgages.

Complicated Space Planning & Designing

It’s crucial to understand that the more complicated the space planning and designing, the more money you will have to put in. A simple yet customized planning and designing can save you a lot of money. Hiring a designer could also save you a lot of money if they’re efficient and trusted. Find yourself a ton of trusted and reliable designers in your area with the help of a broad directory present on Tata Steel Aashiyana.

Not Considering Future Plans

Whilst building a house, one needs to take into account the future plans, long term lifestyle changes and so much more. When you’re building a house, you’re building it for your future self as well as your current self. So, consider all things and make sure the house accommodates all requirements. This may cost a little higher money once but will save you thousands of rupees in the long run.

Choosing A Random Builder

A trusted and a reliable builder can assist you with home building and saving money, all at the same time whilst a random builder might not see it the same way. Therefore, pick your builders carefully, talk to a few and choose wisely. Get access to a broad directory of builders on Tata Steel Aashiyana’s website. The trusted tag of Tata and their association would ensure you’re not cheated in any way possible. Now, you can also check out their reviews and see which of them suit you the best.

Having Unsigned Contracts

Many times, signed contracts come to the rescue in case a conflict of interest or argument occurs between you and the other party involved in building the house. Hence, it is crucial to always have signed contracts that gives you and the other party, both a sense of assurance and security.

These are some of the common home building mistakes that one could make. Rest assured, with Tata Steel Aashiyana into the picture - their home building guide, list and broad directory of masons, builders, designers, etc, material estimator, construction materials, among other things will help you decrease the cost that you might have to pay for if you rely on a lesser trusted brand than Tata. Visit to know more!

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