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How to Build an Energy Efficient Home



Proper planning goes a long way. The same is true when you construct a new home based on energy-saving principles. Homes that are energy efficient not only conserve energy but also save money in the long term. In addition, your home will become more durable and comfortable for you and your family.

Many energy saving techniques are coming into place with the cost for energy soaring high each day. Many of which are suitable and applicable to homes and would have a larger impact on the environment and the planet. So, let’s together have a look at some tips to keep in mind while building energy efficient homes.

Location of the House



When building a house, we need to keep in mind the location and the direction which the house is facing. The orientation of your home impacts how much sunlight it will receive. This has a direct impact on the temperature of your home. The ideal scenario is to maximize passive solar energy gain in the winters while reducing heat gain in the summers. It is accomplished by maximizing the home's position, orientation, and landscaping. The design should optimally take advantage of different sun angles in accordance with the weather. For example, homes facing the east will get direct sunlight in the morning and from above in the afternoon, whereas they’ll be cooler in the evening. And, vice versa. Hence, the location and the direction should be kept in mind.

Ventilation Systems

Simply put, the more natural ventilation system there is in the house, the more energy it will conserve. A house with no natural ventilation will have to have exhausts and ventilation systems instilled, in order to keep it airy and ventilated. Furthermore, houses without natural ones need a well-thought-out ventilation system that can significantly minimize your overall energy usage and help make your home more energy-efficient.

Energy Saving Devices

With the evolution of technology, a smart gadget selection can assist you in conserving and optimizing energy in your house. When compared to traditional appliances, such devices require the least amount of energy to operate, lowering your electricity bills even further. To provide a decent return on investment and save money in the long run, an energy-efficient home must be smart.

Consider Going Solar

Making decisions about whether or not to include solar panels during the construction phase is a good idea, especially since it could help you save money on roofing materials. You can arrange for a solar water heater that installs straight on your roof in addition to solar panels to offset your monthly power expenditures.

Exterior Doors

When selecting external doors, look for those that reduce air leakage, which allows humid outside air into your home and forces your air conditioner to work harder to remove moisture. Check out Tata Pravesh for Steel doors that minimize air leakage.

Cool roof

When you have a cool roof installed on your home, it reflects sunlight and reduces the temperature of the roof. Reflective components in the roofing material, such as shingles, tiles, paint, and other substances, are used to create a cool roof. This energy-saving technique is great for building a home in hot areas where air-conditioning prices can skyrocket.

Exterior colors

The colour of your home's exterior can have a huge impact on the temperature inside. If you want to design greenhouse plans, you should pick a light exterior colour if you want to keep your house cool.

In all, with limited natural resources and evolving technologies to improve human living standards, it is critical to be cognizant of how we build our places to obtain maximum benefit. And, not overuse the already declining natural resources. Above mentioned are some tips that will help you build a more energy efficient home. Check out Tata Steel Aashiyana to choose building materials, roofs and doors that help you build a more sustainable home.

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