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How to Maintain your Tools?

Tools are great investments. You can zip those home projects in no time with well-organized tools. They may look like an investment; however, if you maintain them well, they will return the favour. Tool maintenance can save your time, money and make your DIY projects exciting and rewarding. The only requirement is that you need to properly store, clean and maintain them to make the most out of your tools.

Ways to Maintain the Tools

Read on to know some of the easy ways of maintaining your tools for home and reaping the maximum benefit for a long time.

The Art & Science of Storing Tools

There are different ways of storing tools. You can store them in bags, boxes, chests, drawers or shelves. Alternatively, how about displaying them on pegboards? It is a great way of flaunting and accessing your tools collection. When you organise them on pegboards, you can see all the tools at a glance. So, it turns out to be an efficient way of storing and making the most of wall space. However, if you don’t have enough space on the wall, you can plan for a portable pegboard, hinged system or rolling pegboard. Even toolboxes are a great and compact way of storing tools. Besides, some tools come with special packaging. It is best to store them in their original packaging to increase their shelve life and maintain their quality.

Keep the Tools Dry

It is essential that you store the tools in a dry place. This becomes vital if you plan to use pegboards, tool shed or plan to save the tools in an open shelve. Garages or enclosed spaces often have humidity issues. If you store your tools in a humid area, then they tend to rust. In such a scenario, you can have a dehumidifier to keep dampness at bay or keep the tools in a box or bag.

Clean the Tools After Every Use

Each time you use the tools make it a habit of cleaning them properly. It will go a long way in keeping the tools in good shape. If required, you can prepare for cleaning the tools beforehand, so that after winding up the project, you can clean it immediately and store. For instance, to clean hand tools keep a cloth handy to wipe and clean. If they are too dirty, then wash them with soap and water, dry and pack. The same approach can work for garden tools.

Inspect the Tools Periodically

You may not use the tools frequently. However, make it a practice to inspect them regularly. It will help, if you take out time to check for loose or cracked handles, chisels or wedges on the tools, corrosion or rust and non-working power tools. When you check and fix them timely, you can use them anytime when you need. Otherwise, imagine taking out your power tools for a project, and they are in a non-functional state? It will be a spoiler. So, inspect and maintain them.

Tool maintenance is easy and useful. If you store, dry, clean and inspect them regularly, you can reap the many benefits and for a long time. The whole effort will be worth it.

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