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How to Protect your Home this Monsoon Season?

What comes to your mind when you first think of the monsoon season? The fritters, the hot tea, and a relief from the scorching summer heat. But before you can sit and enjoy the rainy season, it is essential to monsoon-proof your home. The tiny little hole on the terrace roof or crack in the wall is enough to dampen your spirits. These small concerns can lead to significant problems by bringing spillages, fungus, and various other issues that can impact your home, furniture, and other assets.

With the southwest monsoon around the corner, now is the perfect time to inspect your home, every nook and corner, and make a list of things that need immediate attention.

External Checks

To begin with, you can start checking the roof, backyard, and garden. These external checkpoints are crucial. If there are any cracks on the roof, it can lead to constant dribbling inside your home. It can also cause seepage issues on the ceiling and lead to the growth of moss and fungus, which can be harmful for the residents. So, before the onset of the monsoon, it will help if one checks and fixes these gaps and cracks on the roof.

The backyard gutter should also be inspected and cleaned in the case of blockages. Otherwise, in the event of incessant rains, there are chances of rainwater flooding your backyard and even entering inside the home. A similar check should be carried out in the garden area. You should get the front drains checked too and get the grass trimmed. It will also help if you cut and maintain the plants and secure the young trees and plants in the garden to prevent any damage.

The Internal Checks

Inside the house, the wall cracks, pipes, and outlets, electrical fittings, and furniture will need notice. The wall cracks are often an effect of rains and pave water seepage on the interior walls too, leading to cracks. This leads to fungal growth and can affect the family’s health. You can prevent this by fixing the external cracks and painting the walls with waterproof paints.

It is also vital to check the clogging in pipelines and unclog them. The pipes and outlets are often the breeding ground for mosquitoes and insects, and a clogged pipeline can lead to overflowing of water inside the house. It is advisable to unclog and seal the pipes, to avert such situations. It will make the house pest-free and prevent episodes of water overflowing and spoiling your house assets.

It will also be helpful if you check the electrical fittings and fixtures before the onset of the monsoon season. If there are any loose wires, broken switches, and more, you can get it fixed to avoid any unforeseen situations. Besides, defective electrical fittings can also lead to voltage drop and power off-like situations.

Complete the process by checking the windows and doors for any potential gaps and rust. Rainwater can come inside your home from these gaps and cause discomfort. It will also be worth checking the air conditioner ducts that can lead to rain streaming across the exterior wall surface.

With many things to check and fix, and the southwest monsoon fast approaching every part of the country, it will help if you seek professional help and start getting the house mended. Try to fix all gaps and cracks and get the pipes unclogged to make the most of this monsoon season, which you may have to spend completely indoors due to the outbreak of COVID-19.

If you are looking for reliable contractors and service providers in your city, connect with TATA Steel Aashiyana experts. They can advise you and help you connect with known and notable names in town. Your home is precious and getting everything done under expert supervision and guidance will help you maintain it well for years to come. For home design, material, and expert advice on home construction and management, trust the consultants at TATA Steel Aashiyana.

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