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How To Soundproof A Room?

You have got yourself this beautiful apartment. Everything is great except that it is close to the main street and the movement of vehicles all day along with the persistent honking drives you crazy. What would you not give to cut the noise out and have some peace?

Let's look at some simple ways to soundproof your rooms so that you can rest in peace without the constant cacophony!

A.Make your doors weatherproof

Did you know that sound travels through air and if the doors have a gap, the sound will waft through it? To make your doors soundproof, you can use a door sweep with a thick rubber strip that fits snugly under it. It will also keep away the dust and the tiny bugs.

B.Use Thicker curtains

Try and use thicker noise-reducing curtains. These thick drapes will shut out the noise as well as keep off the sunlight during the warm summer months. They can be really useful in absorbing the sounds from outside.

C.Cut down the reflected noise

Sound tends to bounce off hard surfaces like empty walls, floors, and ceilings. The soundproofing solution is to cover the walls and floors with something soft to cushion the sounds. You can use wall hangings or a wall carpet on the wall. You can panel the ceiling that looks good and absorbs the noise from above as well. Carpets and rugs on the floor will complete the job. It will effectively cut off sounds from the next room or unit, muffle the sound of dogs barking or the drone of the vacuum cleaner.

D.Use floor rugs

As mentioned above, hard floor surfaces reflect sound. To eliminate this you can use thick floor rugs. You can have extra padding under the rug for better effect. Wall-to-wall carpeting also helps to keep out the noise. Remember the thicker the rug, the better the soundproofing.

F.Fit window inserts

A sure winner will be fitting window inserts if you can afford them. These are customized clear glass panels that can be fitted on the inside of the windows. They do a great job of blocking out the noise without disturbing the aesthetics of the room. Studies show that they can reduce noise by 50%.

G.Go for acoustic paneling

You can go for professional soundproofing of the room by fixing acoustic panels on the walls and ceilings to absorb the noise and vibrations. These are normally used in recording studios to cancel out the noise. If it suits your budget, there is nothing wrong with trying this one too.

Soundproofing a room can make a big difference. You can relax on your island of peace, away from the chatter of daily life. It makes a lot of difference especially when you have little kids or aging and sick people at home. Soundproofing allows you to enjoy your hobbies or watch a movie in your home theatre in peace without disturbing others. If the walls are too thin, it gives you a sense of privacy. In today’s environment, it gives you the perfect home office where noise can be distracting. It improves your concentration levels and productivity. It also helps to retain heat during the winter months. Go ahead, soundproof a room, and be surprised by the difference in your life.

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