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Innovation In Construction Technology

Let’s talk about innovation & technological advancements. Your mind just wandered to industries like medicine, IT and electronics didn’t it? That’s because construction and home building is a heavily manual and labour powered industry which we don’t usually connect with technological advancement! However, much like every other industry, the field of engineering and construction is constantly evolving and embracing technological innovation at a rapid pace.

The world of home building & construction is one of the most adaptable and quick to respond to change and contingencies. This quick response had lead to major developments in design, development, architecture & engineering. Even today, with the unexpected circumstances created by the pandemic, including labour and material shortages, a greater focus on sustainability, and stricter guidelines & regulations, this industry is on the move once again! While it’s very difficult to keep up with the number of advancements being made, let’s have a look at some of the most promising developments that promise to revolutionise home building & construction:


One of the most innovative & most popular tech innovations in construction is drone technology. In 2017 alone, drone use on active sites around the world increased by 239% in a single year! Useful in many ways, construction drones can monitor work sites for equipment malfunctions, topological mapping surveys & security threats. Drones can perform topological surveys for almost 1/20th of the standard cost, and increase safety by 55%!

2.Smart Infrastructure

Smart infrastructure is a combination of technologically enabled systems and tools that can be used both on and off-site. For example, structural monitoring systems that use sensors to monitor the strengths & weaknesses of any given structure, systems that can help predict structural problems, and systems that can help assess the structural integrity of a construction site, especially in hazardous conditions.

3.BIM Software

BIM or Building Information Modeling software is an application of IoT (Internet Of Things) and AR(Artificial Reality) that can generate smart management & workflow planning tools. BIM tech allows construction managers to create 3D models of projects and generate supplementary workflows. This helps increase productivity and enhances the overall efficiency and construction experience. A universally adapted software, BIM has now become a part of many nation’s construction regulations!

4.Material Advancement

Technological advancement has also impacted construction materials and processes. In order to increase sustainability, reduce costs & manage workflow, a number of innovative & high-tech building materials have been developed. Just as Tata Tiscon’s pioneering super ductile earthquake-proof steel rebars & corrosion resistant GFX Coated Superlinks, there is a self-healing concrete that can repair its own cracks & last up to 200 years, translucent wood that is stronger than window glass & is biodegradable, bricks made of wool & seaweed that are 37% stronger than traditional bricks, and more!

5.Eco-Friendly Technology

Sustainable construction is the talk of the town and one of the most important considerations for most home builders today. Sustainable construction places a major focus on conserving natural resources & utilising eco-friendly materials. A few examples of resource-conserving construction technologies include advanced water collection & plumbing systems, dual plumbing, greywater reuse systems, energy-efficient insulation and more.

As the world of construction continues to develop and innovate, stay updated while you plan your own dream home. And remember to explore some of the most innovative & superior quality building materials on Tata Steel Aashiyana!

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