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Plan open spaces in your home for light, air and new-age thinking

Are you getting your house constructed or reconstructed? Give doors and windows their due. It is through these doors and windows that you can enjoy some natural light even while indoors. We are an indoor generation. Studies indicate that we spend nearly 90% of our life indoors. It affects our health and well-being. So, planning open spaces in your home is vital for you and your health. It allows you to breathe fresh air and bask in the goodness of nature. If you want to align your home design with this new-age thinking, then think of the doors for home from an aesthetic and functional point. Here are some of the tips to narrow down the choices and make the right selection.

Decide the Number of Doors

Before you head out to buy the doors, it is essential that you list down the number of doors you need for your home. It will help you to get the right kind of door as the requirement of entrance doors will be different from the balcony. Likewise, the type of door you need for the bedroom will vary from that of the bathroom. So, carefully examine the home design and count the number of internal and external doors you need. You can also follow the below image for reference.

Give Entrance Door Precedence

When it comes to buying the external doors, give entrance door the maximum importance. It should be beautiful as it is the gateway to your abode and sturdy from a security perspective. Along with the entrance door, you should think about the balcony doors too. If you want natural light to flow inside the room, then invest in the doors accordingly

Think Size & Material

After having the door count and exploring the different main doors, examine the material of each of the doors. They should be long-lasting, easy to maintain and blend well with the home décor. With the door material, think of the door sizes too. You should get the exact measurement of each external and internal door and find the best one for your home. As far as possible, avoid the task of cutting or redesigning. The only carpenter work involved should be of installing the doors in your home. Besides, the door size is of importance because when the house gets constructed, adequate open spaces are left for door installation. These open spaces get referred to as “Wall Openings”. Every door that you choose will need proper planning about wall opening. If done right, then the door installation will be easy after the plastering work gets completed.

If you want the new age thinking design, then focus on the wall openings when the house is getting constructed. Think of sunrise and sunset direction, privacy and security and accordingly choose door designs. For the main gate and other doors of the house, you can seek advice from TATA Steel Aashiyana consultants. They can guide you for the design and connect you with the best service providers. For termite-free, fire-resistant and doors with unmatched strength, the consultants can connect you with TATA PRAVESH experts. Know more and connect with the team and live in a well-lit and ventilated paradise.

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