Say Goodbye to Plastic: To Maintaining A Plastic Free Home!

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Say Goodbye to Plastic – Maintaining a Plastic-Free Home!

Plastic, its harmful effects on human health and ecosystem have been making headlines in dailies worldwide. Unfortunately, it has become an integral part of homes and everyday routine. Nevertheless, plastic continues to invade our health, natural resources, and ecosystem. A 2019 study by the Centre for International Environment Law and other institutions highlights the devastating effect of plastic on our health. Substances like Benzyne, VOCs and POPs harm human health.

From polluting oceans to harming wildlife and filling landfills without decomposing, plastic has been and will continue to wreak havoc on our planet. While most of us are aware of the harmful effects of plastic, getting rid of it or reducing its use seems far-fetched. If we look around our homes, we can spot plastic in almost every room in some form or the other. It has especially made deep inroads in our kitchens and children toy room. Without further elaborating on the harm it is causing, let’s help you tackle the more significant challenge of how to get rid of plastic at home?

Switch to Non-Plastic Storage Solutions

In the kitchen, there is ample plastic in every cabinet. It comes useful and handy in storing groceries and lentils. If plastic houses most of your kitchen, start buying glass, stainless steel, and wooden storage containers. These look aesthetically pleasing and can be the perfect alternative to plastic.

Stock-Up on Non-Plastic Disposables

Buying disposables for the kitchen is a must as they come useful when heading for a picnic or packing lunch for work. While disposables are the perfect solution to your expensive cutlery set, start buying the biodegradable variants. There are plenty of options in the market and you can access and stock-up easily. It will also help if you carry a stainless steel or copper water bottle instead of buying packaged water in plastic water bottles.

Avoid Non-Stick Cookware

It’s time you discard the harmful non-stick cookware range from your kitchen. It comes with Teflon coating and releases toxic perfluorochemicals. You can easily switch to cast iron, copperware, or stainless-steel range.

Invest in Cloth Bags & Cotton Scrubbers

While we all love shopping, getting paper and cloth bags can eliminate the harmful effects of plastic on the environment. Get reusable cloth bags, shop, empty, clean and reuse. Likewise, remove the plastic scrubbers from the kitchen and bathroom and get a cotton dishcloth or coconut coir brush for dishes. Even the disposable wipes are harmful, so dig out the old rags without underestimating their versatility.

Avoid Frozen Convenience Food

Frozen food comes wrapped in plastic and is often the culprit for excessive packaging waste. Besides, these are not nutritious. So, it’s unhealthy for you and the environment making it necessary to give up on the habit of indulging in such frozen delicacies.

No New Plastic

Along with following the above suggestions, it will help if you make no new plastic the mantra for your home. Whether it is toys for your little munchkins or plastic pots for your lovely garden, refrain from buying any new plastic. Even when it comes to kitchen storage solutions, get the glass, steel, and other alternatives.

Building a home and maintaining it are two different things. The way home construction is tedious, managing everything to perfection, is a separate game in the long run. Like building the home foundation right is necessary, the things you buy and use at home have a lasting impression on you and the environment. So, make wise choices, look for environment-friendly substitutes and manage things right.

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