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Solid Vs Engineered Hardwood Floors

When it comes to choosing the perfect flooring for your dream home, hard surface flooring is always a great way to go! The right option to add some elegance to your home, you can choose from solid hardwood flooring or engineered wood flooring. And this choice is where the questions begin. But don’t worry because we’ve got you covered!

Though both are made from 100% real wood, the major difference between hardwood and engineered wood is their composition. While hardwood flooring is constructed from solid wood with no layers, engineered wood flooring is made with layers of plywood and solid wood.

Before we delve into the main parameters you should consider when making your flooring decision, let’s understand the basic differences between the two:

While both are great options, it is helpful to remember the following facts:

It is important for you to consider the following points when making the flooring decision for your dream home:

  • The moisture content and dampness of your home is an important consideration. Experts recommend maintaining humidity between 35 & 55% as hardwood floors exposed to higher humidity & temperatures are prone to expansion & contraction leading to floor gaps, curling or warping. If your home is highly humid, vinyl plank flooring may be a better choice than hardwood flooring.

    Water-resistance is also an important consideration. For those rooms in your home that are prone to spilling- bathrooms and kitchen, caution is warranted when installing hardwood floors.

    As a pet owner, it may be important to factor in your pets in your flooring decisions. Between the claws, water bowls and toys, wear and tear are usually amplified. While vinyl flooring or floor tiles may be a more viable option, you can still have hardwood flooring and pets in the same house, just with a little added caution like area rugs, mats or carpets.

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