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Sound Foundations Mean Sound Homes

“You can’t build a great building on a weak foundation”.

The foundation of your house is the superstructure on which the entire building will rest. It is the bottom-most and unseen part of the home, however, the most crucial. If the bottom of the house is weak, the building will be unstable and unsupported. So, for that long-lasting and stable house, you need to have a robust foundation in place. You can quickly get some home renovations done. However, if the base is weak, there can be structural damages that can cost you significantly. When getting the house constructed, pay careful heed to the foundation. Some of the things you should do for a firm building foundation include:

Inspection of the Soil

Before starting the home construction process, you should check the soil condition. If you want a strong building foundation, the soil type and health are crucial. You can rely on the structural engineer or architect for inspecting the soil quality. It goes a long way in eliminating the risks of cracks in masonry.

Moreover, the house foundation comes in direct contact with soil and transfers the load of the structure to the ground. The trenches get dug deeper into the soil until a hard stratum gets discovered. Then, cement gets poured into making the trench stronger.

Layout & Excavation

After the soil testing, the process of removing the waste material gets started. There can be small stones, twigs or roots, which can hamper the process of building the foundation. So, eliminating these wastes is essential as it will help in maintaining a level of the slope while grading the soil.

Lay the Foundation

Once the excavation and contouring get completed, the work on the foundation starts by installing the footings. At this point, either concrete gets poured into the wood forms or in the trenches for creating the foundation.

Steel Reinforcement

Depending on the soil quality and kind of foundation you want, you will need to treat the concrete. Concrete often requires reinforcement for added strength and crack resistance so that steel reinforcement rebars can come useful. Steel reinforcement is strong in tension and compression. After the incorporation of steel reinforcement, cement can obtain tensile property. So, this little additional cost will be worth it in laying a strong building foundation.


Along with steel reinforcement, shuttering and the de-shuttering process takes place to make the structure smooth and stable. The method of shuttering also gets referred to as formwork, which gets used as a mould for a structure to support the wet RCC. It is the right formwork that can withstand the load, make it leak-proof and give the construction a rigid shape. After this, a de-shuttering process takes place, that is the task of smoothening. It takes place after the concrete gain’s optimum strength.


The process of concrete and curing follows strengthening. Concrete is one of the essential materials that gets used in house construction. It gets used in the construction of slabs, beams, foundations, columns and various other load-bearing elements. So, concrete needs to undergo a curing process. In curing, the concrete stays wet until it settles and hardens. It enhances the quality of concrete.

With this, the process of laying a strong building foundation stands complete. There is the use of bricks and plastering after the curing process. However, these are primarily finishing tasks, which get done for protecting and coating the building. You need to know the process from soil inspection to curing if you want your house to stand tall for years. For this process of laying the foundation, you should trust only the notable and experienced in the industry. Whether you live in the city in which you are getting your house constructed or need to manage remotely, trust the experts at TATA Steel Aashiyana. The process of laying the house foundation is a detailed one. For making a sound foundation, you can rely on a brand like TATA. Speak to the experts and get guidance in building a quality and robust home.

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