Top 8 Mistakes to Avoid When Building Your First Home

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The Top Mistakes to Avoid When Building your First Home

Are you planning to construct your house? Well, house construction is a gratifying experience. It is different when you get the freedom to choose the layout, design, and landscape. Building a house gives you the privilege to design and plan it your way. However, it can become a tremendous experience if you are unable to plan it well. There are many things you need to consider and factor before taking the plunge.

Once the plot is decided and you start researching and discussing the house plans and ideas, you should consider the below things that are a must in constructing your home to perfection. Any misses and lapses can cause delays and damages that will dampen your spirits. Besides, the cost of construction will also go up in such a scenario. Sometimes, there can be damages to property requiring more mending and changes, or certain irreversible damages with which you will have to live.

To avoid any such situation, know about the common mistakes you should avoid when building your home for the first time:

Poor Space Planning & Design

The layout of your home matters. However, if you rush through the planning stage, it will be a big mistake. It is vital to think about optimum space utilisation. It will help if you brainstorm over various ways how you can use a particular area. Do you need that extra storage or bathroom near the guest room? Storage is of prime importance in every home, so think about various ideas and solutions, and where you plan to place these storage spaces. Likewise, consider if the master bedroom needs a walk-in closet or you can plan a master bath? There are various combinations you need to work out at this initial stage, making space planning crucial.

A Complicated House Design

After planning the space, focus on designing it with care. With unlimited sources of inspiration, getting overwhelmed is normal. However, it should not reflect in your design plan. Try to figure out something simple. You can seek inspiration from a house magazine or your friend’s home; however, before replicating it, know the feasibility and structural differences. You can discuss the ideas with your family and contractor and finalise a design plan that best amalgamates your preference and practicality.

Not Considering Unforeseen Delays & Expenses

No matter how carefully you plan, some delays and unforeseen expenses are bound to happen. These are often due to problems like termite damage, bad soil, weather conditions and more. The contractor can cover some of these costs. You can discuss it before signing the contract. However, it will help if you keep some buffer and contingency funds in the event of delay in the timeline or due to some on-the-go changes.

Not Considering the Lifestyle & Future Family Needs

House construction is a tedious process, and getting it constructed in keeping with the family's future needs is essential. If you plan to have children in the near-future or expect parents to move-in with you, then consider having a separate room with closets and attached bathroom. Besides, design your house in a manner that it can cater to your lifestyle. If you are fond of reading or working from home, then consider a study room. Likewise, if you are a fitness enthusiast, an in-house gym can be the perfect addition.

A Poorly Lit Home with No Hallways

When building your home, if you get overwhelmed with designs and ideas, and do not consider light fixtures and windows for natural light, you may repent later. Add optimum light fixtures and outlets and consider adding windows in every room. Natural light is the best and should be the primary source of light in your home. In some places, you can also consider adding skylights. Along with lights, design your home with hallways. If you incorporate a few wide hallways, it will give the home a spacious feel and it will be easy to move things around the house.

Wrong Room Placements

Plan every room in the house according to the utility. A gym or playroom should not get utilised for dumping storage in the long run. Likewise, the kitchen should be close to the home entrance so that it is easy to carry groceries. The bedroom, however, should be away from the main entrance in a quiet location. Consider every area of the house and correspond it with your requirements and decide the placements accordingly.

Choose the Right Home Builder

All your planning and efforts will go in vain if you end up working with a home builder who cannot understand your requirements or deliver as per expectations. It is essential to meet and discuss with several home builders, carry out a due diligence on them, know about their past projects and then plan. Choose a professional and trusted builder as house construction takes months and lots of patience and communication.

Don’t Skip the Inspection

Before you move inside your new home, it is essential to inspect everything in the house carefully. You can refer our house inspection blog and ensure that every fixture, paint, and design is precisely the way you want, functional and perfect.

With various players in the construction domain, are you searching for the right one for your home? Connect with the professionals at TATA Steel Aashiyana. They can guide you and connect you with reliable contractors and raw material suppliers in town. Every element and aspect of home building needs attention and planning. For right design, intensive planning, layout and for sourcing quality construction materials, rely on TATA Steel Aashiyana consultants.

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