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Tips to Transform your Home Office

“Working from home is the new normal in the post COVID era. Most offices embraced the work from home culture for the safety of the employees. While some companies plan to continue this norm for some specific roles, others make it compulsory for everyone until the curve flattens. This global health crisis, due to coronavirus, has changed much for everyone, everywhere. If work from home is the new reality for you, then having an office-like set-up is essential.

Working from home can be exciting for some as it offers real comfort and efficiency; however, if the office is too casual or you don’t separate professional and personal space, your productivity will start getting hampered. Do you feel the need for a dedicated office space at home? Now that you may end up working from home for some more time, it is necessary to transform your home office. Comfort is the key component and a distinction should be made regarding the physical boundaries of your workspace.

Let’s share some useful and easy ways of sprucing up and transforming your home office to maximise your productivity and help you maintain a work-life balance.

Dedicate a Room or Space for Work

Fix a working schedule, get ready for work and step into your home office space. It will prepare you psychologically and help you to work with a focus on keeping personal life aside. You can also request your family members not to come into your working space anytime, just like that, to strike up a conversation. Maintaining such a dedicated space becomes even more vital when you have kids at home. Let them know this is your workplace and they should avoid coming while you are at work.

Invest in Ergonomic Chair & Table

Once you decide this space in your home, invest in a comfortable chair and spacious table. You will sit in that parked chair for long hours every day, thereby choosing a beautiful, ergonomically correct, and comfortable seat will be worth every dime. Maintain your work posture while working from home and your back and spine will be truly thankful. Likewise, choose the table right. You should be able to sit upright and work comfortably. You should check the table and chair height ratio and choose the desk surface with care.

The Right Lighting

Now that you are working from home, make the most of this time and benefit with natural light. If possible, choose a room or corner that gets ample natural light. You can place your chair and desk and benefit working in natural light, which is the most balanced source of white light available. Besides, it will be helpful if you add a combination of ambient and task lighting for evening and cloudy days. When you focus on the lighting, it keeps you going and helps you burn the midnight oil.

Green Up the Space

Adding some serenity to your workplace comes useful for those days when you are busy chasing the deadline and can’t leave the desk. The best way to add greens is by bringing some indoor plants. They need minimal maintenance and effectively make the space calm. How about adding peace lilies or mother-in-law tongue kind indoor plants. They can easily survive even when you are unable to spare time for their daily maintenance.

The Working Necessities

Assessing your electrical needs is a must? Check around if there are enough electrical outlets? Will a power strip suffice, or you need to get some wiring work done? These wiring changes may get necessary as you will need multiple plug points, a phone line and internet connection in the room.

Once you work out these little details and design your workplace with thought and care, you can work carefree and comfortably for long hours. If you need any assistance in setting up your home office, then talk to the experts now. Whether it is that door you want to add in a room, get a separate room constructed in the house or wiring changes, for all these solutions and more rely on TATA Steel Aashiyana experts. They can advise you and connect with reliable dealers in your city.

During these pandemic times, it is necessary that you do not have to run around much to get the work done. Even if you add greens and need tools to maintain it your way, you can order gardening tools from the TATA Steel Aashiyana website. For everything for your home office, the experts are available and working. Connect today and design a comfortable workspace.

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