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Top Interior Designs In India

Indians today are opening the doors to modern and contemporary home décor and are increasingly focusing on expressing their personal sense of style through their home interiors. With fast-changing lifestyle trends and environmental concerns, the interior design industry is opening its arms to more innovative and creative solutions.

Fortunately, India is the home to some of the best interior designers in the world, who know how to bring the modern dab of décor into houses while infusing it with royal Indian roots. Together they exhibit great work and true diversity. Read on to know a little more about the Top 10 Interior Designers of India (in no particular order):

Lipika Sud

She holds the title of the Best Design Professionals of 2012 and is the dynamic founder of the Lipika Sud Interior Pvt. Ltd. and Art n Aura. Lipika Sud is one of India's most versatile designers with a design portfolio encompassing residential, corporate and hotel spaces. She is also the founder of Dimension Designers Pvt. Ltd. and the former chairperson of the IIID (Institute of Indian Interior Designers).

Sunita Kohli

Globally accredited and known for her impeccable work that brings homes to life, Sunita Kohli has been instrumental in creating many architectural legacies. One of India's most celebrated designers, she is especially known for her work on big restoration projects including the Rashtrapati Bhawan, Hyderabad House and the Parliament House Colonnade amongst others.

Amir Sharma

The designer of Testa Rosa Cafe and Lotus Place Restaurants, Aamir Sharma is your go to guy if dynamic designs with a modern touch is what you're looking for! Co-founder of AANDH (Aamir and Hameeda Interior Designers and Contractors), he heads this modern design firm that creates wonderfully imaginative playful designs.

Ajay Shah

Mumbai based design maestro, Ajay Shah is fast gaining proficiency and fame for retail-based designing. Known especially for his work in the concept of space management, his firm, ASDS (Ajay Shah Design Studio), is a unique design venture that creates holistic design solutions by integrating product, space and graphic designs.

Anuradha Aggarwal

One of the most prominent faces of female interior designers in India, Anuradha Aggarwal started Olives Cre in 2016 after 12 years of unmatched experience in the design industry. A specialist in classical, contemporary and fushion design, her starry clientele is testament to her talent. Her firm also has its line of furniture, lights and artefacts. She has also been awarded several accolades including the Best Interior Designer Award at the Vande Mataram Karma Awards 2018, and the Society Excellence Award 2018 for excelling in the field of interior design. With the aim of making Olives Cre a global brand, she has recently set up an office in Dubai.

Manit Rastogi

The founding partner of Delhi-based Morphogenesis, Manit Rastogi is the master of durable home designs that boast of subtle but pronounced hints of creativity. An expert at marrying sound design with sustainability, he has won several Indian and International design awards especially for his work designing International Media Houses.

Tanya Gyani

A graduate of NIFT, New Delhi, Tanya Gyani is globally renowned for her fabulous designs for multiple high-end bars and restaurants. Not just in India, she is a celebrated designer across Italy, Nepal and the Middle-East. Known for her exceptional and acute design capabilities, she was awarded the Elite Student Award by the FDA.

Sanjyt Syngh

The head of Sanjyt Syngh Studio, New Delhi, Sanjyt Syngh is a prolific interior designer whose work is known in India and abroad. Known for his bespoke designs, his space management designs are a treat for the eyes, especially his work on celebrated projects like Lado Sarai. A creative inspiration to many, he is hailed as the face of the modern age Indian Interior Designers!

Ambrish Arora

The best in his field, Ambrish Arora has received global critical acclaim for his groundbreaking work in spatial designing. With more than 30 years of experience, he has carved a niche for himself in spatial designing and is the founder of Lotus, a venture in Home Interior Design & Architecture.

Pooja Bihani

A diverse portfolio of residential, commercial, and lifestyle projects to her name, Pooja Bihani, founder of Spaces & Design, Kolkata, has expanded her practice and work to cities including Mumbai, Pune and Bengaluru. Though she credits Kolkata as being her constant source of inspiration, her design mantra is 'Constantly Innovate'. With many high profile projects under her belt, she is especially known for her work on the luxurious copper-toned duplex Poddar family apartment, the restoration of the Palace of Belgadia into a boutique hotel, and lifestyle decor for Juice Spa, Tree of Life and many more!

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