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What are the Best Ways to Heat your Home?

Earth is healing itself in 2020. With people hunkering down in their homes to avert COVID-19, the earth and its elements are finally stretching in their space that had been encroached by humans. The skies have not looked this blue and the air quality has not been this breathable in a long time. However, as most offices and factories remain shut and the vehicular traffic reduced, the pollution level has gone down, and rivers and lakes are cleaner than ever. After images of wildlife sightings in the backyards, the social media is now flooded with images and videos of pitter-patter raindrops. The southwest monsoon is also reaching across the country before or on schedule, and record harvest is also likely.

These climatic changes and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic are making it necessary to keep your home warm and bright this year. It is time to know about different and effective ways of making your abode warm and cosy to avoid flu-like and depressive symptoms. Here are some changes in equipment and décor that can give a vivid appeal to your home and heat it.

Energy Efficient Room Heater

A central warm-air furnace can be useful for heating the whole house. However, it can be an expensive proposition. Instead, you can invest in energy-efficient room or space heaters. These come in different sizes and the bigger ones have wheels too. So, you can easily take it around the house and plug it into the room you are using. Look for an energy-efficient model to regulate your electricity expense.

Heating Stove

A traditional style of heating the home, it can give a rustic appeal and add to the home ambience. There is usually a solid metal closed fire chamber, a fire brick base and adjustable air control. The stove gets connected by ventilating stove pipes to an appropriate chimney. The chimney should be hotter than the outside temperature ensuring that the combustion gases are drawn out from the fire chamber to the stack.


How about bringing the old-world charm and giving your home the warm appeal with a fireplace. An energy-efficient way of heating the home, update the draft masonry with a fireplace insert and enjoy the monsoon and winter nights by the fireplace.

Insulate the Doors,Windows & Roof    

If you heat the home, the windows, doors, and roof, it is the roof that determines the heat retention capabilities. Surveys indicate that around 25% of heat gets lost through the roof. It is essential to add a 25 cm thick insulator to prevent this heat loss. For the doors and windows, the self-adhesive rubber seals can be the perfect solution. Besides, if you are planning to change the doors or windows, or getting a new house constructed, you can consider buying doors and windows with low emissivity coating.

Allow the Sunlight Unfiltered

The sun is out only for a shorter duration during the monsoon and winter season. But this little time can make a big difference. So, open the curtains, let the natural light penetrate the house, and keep the rooms warm during the daytime. As soon as the sun sets, close the curtains to retain the heat.

Bring Candles & Incandescent Bulbs

Let candles and lanterns brighten-up the home and heat it naturally and inexpensively. These are not as efficient as a room heater but can set the ambience right and create some warmth. Even incandescent bulbs release large amounts of energy as heat and help warm the body. Replace some CFLs and LEDs with these bulbs to enjoy the heat.

Do you find the process of heating the home a little complicated? Is it concern worthy, especially during the winter months? Take the help of experts and start preparing your home now and enjoy a well-lit and warm home this winter. Consult the experts at TATA Steel Aashiyana and know about the best materials that you can add during home building and ways of insulating the home post-construction. The consultants at TATA Steel Aashiyana can connect you with the right dealers in your city so that you procure only quality material. For everything you need to equip and make your abode one of its kinds, the experts are only a consultation away. Book an appointment today and embrace the rainy and winter season with warmth and happiness this year.

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