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What are the Toxins in your Home?

Can the choice of your shampoo or cookware harm your health? There are a growing number of researches that indicates there are chemicals in every product, and they pose various health risks. According to a study by the US Centres for Disease Control and Prevention, “around 298 environmental chemicals are found in the human body, and most get used in consumer products.” These chemicals build-up inside the human body making it sick eventually. While it is impossible to prevent exposure to environmental chemicals, there are ways you can make your home get rid of most potential toxins. It’s time you should stop buying and bringing the below things in your home.

Look for an alternative for the below items and limit household toxins.

Plastic Food Containers

The plastic food containers get made from chemicals like phthalates and are endocrine-disrupting chemicals. Over time plastic breaks down and releases dangerous chemicals into your food. So, heating your food in plastic containers may appear quick and convenient. However, it has a long-term impact on your health.

The perfect alternative to plastic food containers is glass containers. They can offer the same level of convenience.

Switch to other cookware range and discard the non-stick pans and pots from your kitchen.

Air Freshness

The plug-in scents or synthetically scented candles contain phthalates, which can cause reproductive problems. It is concern worthy because whatever you breathe will eventually enter your bloodstream. Thereby, using such air fresheners can be harmful to you and your loved ones.

Instead of using such air fresheners, you should choose candles with essential oils and fresh flowers to scent your home.

Cleaning Products

The cleaning products that you use in your home contain synthetic ingredients like phthalates and chemical surfactants. These cleaning products not only clean your home but layer-up space with toxins. So, you should check the cleaning products labels carefully before using them in your home.

You can start using natural cleaning products like baking soda, vinegar, lemon, hot water and borax for cleaning the house.


Perfumes contain various chemical ingredients. The challenge is that most perfume companies will not mention about the complete list of ingredients that are there in your scent. There are nearly 300 different chemical ingredients which get used in making different fragrances.

Avoid using chemical-based perfumes and colognes. It is good to switch to scents with natural oils.

Fabric & Upholstery Sprays

These stain blockers create an invisible plastic barrier on your furniture. This plastic will wear off eventually and get released into the environment. It is necessary that you stop using fabric and upholstery sprays to clean those hard stains.

Stains are unavoidable. So, try to clean them immediately before they become severe. You can also use lemon and vinegar to rinse the stains.


According to the Environmental Working Group, a public health advocacy organisation, people end up applying around 126 ingredients on them every day. You end up coming in contact with these harmful chemical ingredients by using products like shampoo, lipstick and more.

Instead, opt for cosmetics with mineral-based pigments and natural oils. It will help if you also choose soaps and shampoos that are free from synthetic fragrances and chemicals like triclosan. These can alter hormone regulation.


The commonly used antiperspirants have various aluminium-based compounds and other chemicals. It is these compounds and chemicals that absorb the sweat glands. Multiple studies point towards the harmful impact of antiperspirants.

You can use aluminium-free antiperspirants. There are also various chemical-free brands of natural sprays and deodorant sticks that don’t have parabens and have PEG in their names. It will help if you look for antiperspirants with ingredients like PEG-8 and PEG40 hydrogenated castor oil.

Sunscreens with Oxybenzone

The chemicals that get used in sunscreens like oxybenzone can cause health problems once they penetrate the skin. So, you should avoid using aerosol spray sunscreens as you can accidentally inhale it. The other sunscreens with chemicals like oxybenzone and octinoxate are also best avoided.

It is advisable to use safe sunscreens made using minerals like zinc oxide and titanium dioxide.

These and many more household toxins surround and harm you. Like the flame retardants commonly found in textiles, sofa foam and computer casings can interfere with thyroid hormone. This hormone plays a vital role in the healthy brain development of humans. As such toxins surround you, it is becoming essential that you take a walk through your house and get rid of the avoidable ones. Like plastic and non-stick cookware and start looking for alternatives to other products which are potentially harmful. Besides, ventilate your home every day and when buying products read the labels. There is also an ever-expanding market of organic and toxic-free furniture, consumer goods and clothes that can be the perfect healthier alternatives. You should research these and surround yourself and your loved ones with healthy products. It’s time you act against household toxins and offer quality life to your family.

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