What is the Main Purpose of Using Stirrups During Construction?

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What is the Main Purpose of Using Stirrups During Construction?

Getting your house constructed? There are many things involved in getting the super structure right. It is the basis, the foundation of your house. You can get the other things amended even after moving in your new abode. However, the foundation work is complex and a one-time task. One of the fundamental aspects is the use of stirrups in construction.

A stirrup refers to a closed loop of reinforcement bar. Its main purpose is to hold the reinforcement bars together in an RCC structure. When used in a column, they provide lateral support to the main reinforcement bars to prevent buckling. On the other hand, stirrups in beams get used for withstanding the shear force and often gets referred to as shear or transverse reinforcement. Stirrups come in various shapes and designs depending upon the load bearing member like circular, U, crosstie or polygonal. In construction, rectangular or square shaped ones get used frequently.

Types of Stirrups

When the closed loop gets used in a beam it is referred to as a stirrup and tie when used in a column. The below structure can give a further insight into it.

Purpose of Stirrups

The main purpose of stirrup is to hold the primary reinforcement bars. They also prevent columns and beams from buckling. The stirrups get placed diagonally when there is tension and compression caused by vertical and transverse tension. A diagonal tension occurs when the concrete is stronger in the compression as against in the tension. For this a steel stirrup gets placed that can hold the cracked surface. The spacing of the stirrup along the beam is also vital as the exact size plays a crucial role. These are usually placed under large load and bearing points. Stirrups impart strength to the structure at vulnerable and critical points. So, they have the potential to resist the shear stress generated inside the structural member. Stirrups can also hold the longitudinal bars in place and prevent the concrete from bulging outwards. These stirrups also protect the RCC structure from collapsing in the event of a seismic activity like an earthquake.

The Preliminary Requirements of Stirrups

When choosing reinforcement stirrups for construction, ensure that they have

TATA TISCON Superlinks (Stirrups)

Earlier, stirrups got made manually in India at the construction site. However, there were compliance concerns with these stirrups and weak links in the RCC structure leading to building collapse. Holding such a significant place in construction, procuring compliant ones with accurate dimensions is a must.

If you are looking for sturdy stirrups in construction, then buy the TATA Tiscon ones, which are available by the name of Tiscon Superlinks. They get made from high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar. You can get them in the most common and required sizes like 7*7 inches or 7*9 inches and like. The TATA Tiscon Superlinks get manufactured from automatic and state-of-the-art machines adhering to strict quality control. You can get consistency, accurate dimensions and quality. For better utilisation with concrete core they come with 135 degrees hook. We also adhere to the standards prescribed by the Indian authorities. The government of India manufacturing norms require one to adhere to IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34 and IS 13920 (Indian Ductile Details Code). To procure the TATA Tiscon Superlinks connect with the TATA Steel Aashiyana consultants here and get the best ones to design a robust structure.

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