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What is your Home’s EQ (Environment Quotient)?

What we give to the environment is what we get in return. The environment quotient (EQ) of every home matters as it has a significant impact on the overall environment. Moreover, the present depleting state of the environment speaks volumes. Air pollution level is increasing manifold in almost every Indian city. The increasing vehicular traffic, constant use of plastic, unmonitored use of electricity and water is showing an impact on the environment. Your home is contributing to different kinds of pollution and having a detrimental effect on the environment and in turn, your health.

Let’s help you asses your home’s environment quotient by responding to the below questionnaire.

Q1. How much plastic do you generate in a week?

Q2. Do you use natural cleaners like vinegar soda to clean your home?

Q3. Do you switch off all lights and fans when not in use?

Q4. How many units of water per person, per day gets consumed in your home?

Q5. How regularly do you get your new wooden furniture for your home?

Q6. Did you know that wooden doors and windows are not environmentally friendly?

Q7. Do you recycle and reuse your products?

Q8. Do you have green plants in your home?

If for most questions, you answered

Irrespective of the present home EQ level, you can adopt some of the below steps to take care of the environment.

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