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Why is Sea Sand not Used for Construction Purpose? How Does it Affect the Structure?

The structure of your house is of prime importance. It is this structure on which the entire building will stand. So, it needs to be robust. For this, every component going into the construction must be of superior quality. One such element that can get used and needs to get avoided is sea sand. If you use sea sand for construction, then you are not providing a solid frame to the building. Whether for commercial or residential purpose, it is ideal to avoid sea sand in construction.

Reasons to Avoid Sea Sand & Its Impact on Structure

Some of the main reasons why you should avoid using sea sand in construction process include

Sea sand does not have the properties that are a pre-requisite in the construction material. While using sand is vital in construction; however, sea sand does not qualify. Sand for construction usually gets classified into three types based on the grain size, i.e. coarse, medium and fine. It will help if you determined it on these fractions as it affects the properties and performance of sands as pavement layers in terms of plasticity, strength and bearing capacity. The shape of sand particles affects its density, stability and overall engineering behaviour.

To know the best quality sand that you can use in construction and for building a rock-solid structure, connect with the TATA Steel Aashiyana service providers. They can explain to you about it in more details and connect you with notable dealers.

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