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Tata Tiscon. The torchbearer of rebar reform in India. It has become the nation’s first GreenPro certified rebar brand and is also a trend-setter in terms of the best quality and best practices. Starting from Fe 415 to Fe 500D or the Super Ductile 500SD – Tata Tiscon has always been a champion of innovations.

Now, here comes the next biggest leap! The latest launch of Super Ductile Tata Tiscon 550SD is nothing but what the future should be.

Every year in India, 5 lakh homes get built with Tata Tiscon. The company takes a pledge to erect the strongest and safest future for the nation.

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Tata Tiscon 550SD - It’s time for more

Each of the rebars has more load carrying capacity with min. YS of 570 MPa* that easily carries the load without any structural cracks. Due to its optimised design, the construction requires fewer number of rebars or rebars with reduced diameter. Hence, it cuts down on the steel consumption and helps one save up to 6% on the steel quantity. *Typical value obtained in 95% of the cases.

Tata Tiscon 550SD has got enhanced earthquake resistance. The higher gap between YS and UTS results in higher ductility, the rebar can stretch more before fracture at room temperature and it delays in localised necking of the rebar at room temperature. All these factors make the product more flexible and safer for construction.

Minimum UTS/YS ratio of >=1.15 (Matching IS13920:2016 - >=1.15)

Minimum Total Elongation of >=16% (More than IS13920:2016 - >=14.5%)

Minimum Total Elongation at max force (UTS) >=5% (Matching IS1786:2008 - >=5%)

Tata Tiscon 550SD is India’s First GreenPro Certified Rebar! Our sustainable manufacturing practices have reduced the environmental impact of the rebars and GreenPro Ecolabel enables you to make an informed and sustainable choice.

It ensures the consumer’s complete peace-of-mind. Because, Tata Tiscon 550SD rebars are available in pieces of consistent dimensions and each piece is of accurate length, diameter and weight. So, no more worries, only more guarantees!

  • More strength means more savings

  • More flexibility means more safety

  • More Eco-friendly

  • More Assurance

Tiscon Superlinks

A stirrup is a closed loop of reinforcement made of rebars, that is used to hold the main bars together and provide lateral support to the main structure. Tata Tiscon Superlinks are made of high strength ribbed TMT rebars manufactured using automation. They are readymade stirrups manufactured using strict quality control to ensure consistency, quality, and accurate dimensions. Manufactured through innovative automated machinery, Tata Tiscon Superlinks are superior stirrups that save space and time at construction sites. As opposed to manually bent stirrups, readymade super links are highly accurate, away from bending, cracking & twisting, and ensure faster completion of work

In a column, the stirrups provide lateral support to the main bars against buckling. When used in beams, a stirrup is termed as shear or transverse reinforcement since it withstands the shear force. Stirrups can be of various shapes depending on the design and shape of the load-bearing member - e.g., Circular, polygonal, a U-stirrup, or a crosstie. However, the most commonly used shape in normal construction is a rectangular or a square one. Traditionally, in India, the stirrups are made manually at the construction site by the bar benders using rudimentary practices. In most cases, such stirrups do not comply with the prescribed standards. Besides dimensional inaccuracies, this can lead to improper locking of the ends thereby increasing the chances of failure during earthquakes. Stirrups of inferior quality act like weak links in an RCC structure and can enhance the chances of the collapse of a building under adverse conditions.

Tata Tiscon Superlinks provide accuracy in dimension with 135° interlocking at the ends to ensure rigidity under severe force experienced under earthquakes. Along with this, these Superlinks assure uncompromised quality as they meet all the government norms like IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, and IS 13920. Each Superlinks piece is visually inspected to check for quality and guarantee unbreakable structures.

Tata Tiscon Superlinks are critical for safety as good quality rebars provide safety and longevity of concrete structures. However, the complete safety of a building can be ensured only if the main rebars are supported by the stirrups of quality!.

Making unshakeable and earthquake homes are now easy as Tiscon Superlinks are easily available and stocked at the distributor’s end. They are available in bundles of 25 and come at a nominal cost.

  • Tiscon Superlinks are stirrups (rings) made of high strength ribbed TMT reinforcement bar in most commonly used sizes, like 177.8 mm X 177.8 mm, 177.8 mm X 228.6 mm, and so on.

  • Superlinks are manufactured through automatic & sophisticated machines, using strictest quality control to ensure consistency, quality & accurate dimensions. They have a 135° hook as prescribed, for better unitization with concrete core.

  • The standards followed during manufacturing meet all the Indian government norms like: - IS 456, IS 2502, SP-34, IS 13920 (Indian Ductile Details Code)

  • Superior Quality

  • Zero Wastage

  • Superior Interlocking

  • Accuracy

  • No Cracking

  • No twisting

  • Faster Work

GFX Coated Superlinks

Tata Tiscon Ultima GFX Coated Superlinks are the new standard in corrosion-resistant construction! Made with high strength Tata Tiscon SD rebars through automatic sophisticated machines, GFX Coated Superlinks are cutting edge stirrups that have a special GFX coating suited for homes in coastal and sea-side areas. A specialized chemical coating is formulated to achieve the anti-corrosion and rust preventive performance of Tiscon Ultima stirrups. Corrosion due to salt-spray, exposure to aggressive soil, and underground water seepage is a major concern for homeowners in coastal areas, and accelerated corrosion damages stirrups with time and lessens the strength of TMT rebars due to loss of rim.

Specially formulated GFX coating creates better bonding strength and increases the load-bearing capacity of the structure’s foundation. Having been produced through automation ensures strict quality control during the manufacturing process which eliminates any risk of a defect in the product

The use of Tata Tiscon Ultima GFX Coated Superlinks reduces the time and space at the construction site and increases the life of the structure. They provide a high load-bearing capacity to the structures which assures strength and durability, and safeguards them from cracks and thus collapsing. The specialized chemical GFX coating, Biolpolymer with Graphene which increases the life of the stirrups and thus creating strong structures for generations.

  • Special GFX Coating

  • Graphene Biopolymers

  • Enhanced Life

  • High Accuracy

  • Specialized Chemical Coating

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This year, like everyone else, our nerdy, jugaadu Engineer and his buddy are stuck in their…

For Tata Tiscon

This year, like everyone else, our nerdy, jugaadu Engineer and his buddy are stuck in their…

For Tata Tiscon

This year, like everyone else, our nerdy, jugaadu Engineer and his buddy are stuck in their…

For Tata Tiscon

This year, like everyone else, our nerdy, jugaadu Engineer and his buddy are stuck in their…